Living As If Our Lives Depend On It

a three-month coaching adventure

for those addressing cancer...

and ready to engage their lives as never before

You've just been given a diagnosis of cancer. Suddenly, on a dime, your entire world—your hopes, dreams, and plans—have been sucked out from under you as life demands that you radically shift your focus to address this new event now happening in your body and mind. It isn't what you planned. It isn't what you chose. You don't have time to deal with this now. Nor do you ever want to. But suddenly, you must. And how you attend to this new reality may make an enormous difference in your life.

Cancer is an opportunity to live as boldly and authentically as you ever have. Smacked in the face with the fact of your own mortality, you can choose the ostrich approach, alternating running for your life with hiding your head in the sand—or you can stop, turn, and face the teacher you never wanted to meet.

Your life could end in a minute. Or an hour. Maybe you'll be granted four years. Or forty. But these numbers are just as true for the radiantly healthy among us as for the oncology patient. We never know for how long we'll be graced with time on this planet. Cancer just highlights the imperative to dig in and live fully now the way another "day at the office" never will.

Many regard cancer as something gone "wrong," a horrific disease stealing time, joy and precious life. It is common to feel cheated, to ask what went wrong and what did I do to deserve this. Our society's "war on cancer" implies an enemy to be vanquished, a fight, a struggle, victims and survivors. And at certain times in the healing journey, these analogies can feel very true.
But what if we allow our war metaphors to subside and shift our primary focus away from "what's wrong?" For there is an equally valid approach to living life with cancer—and beyond it. Even though the disease may strip our lives and bodies of once-cherished identities, what can arise from the ashes of this crucible may be not only new and different, but truly transformative. And all that takes is a shift in perspective.
We already know what's wrong with us. But how often do we ask ourselves: What's right with me? What do I love? When am I most alive? What blocks me from living in that fullness? What can I change or release to open myself to new possibilities? Will I allow my most vibrant self to step forward?

When we shift our focus from what's wrong to what's right and realign our lives with this new trajectory, miraculous things begin to occur. Our appetite for life blossoms, our vitality increases, we relax into creativity and the perception of what's possible. We discover how to gear our energies for wholeness and wellness, even while undergoing treatment for illness. We look forward to the day, not with dread, but with the anticipation of knowing that our lives are on track and actually improving. And over time, as our passion for joyous living increases, cancer becomes secondary in our minds, lagging behind our deeply rooted reasons for being.

Living As If Our Lives Depend on It is a three-month group coaching program designed for current and former oncology patients eager to realize the fundamentals of living life with wellness, zest and meaning. With an experienced coach as guide, you will explore what inspires your vitality and how to re-create your life with deep satisfaction, connection and joy. Together we will design individually meaningful goals and doable strategies for attaining them. Joy and ease will be your barometers in your plans for enrichment and regeneration. This program does not ask you to "achieve more," but invites you to recognize, relax into, celebrate and manifest who you are from deep within. Self-care is the highlight with individually appropriate wellness goals emphasized throughout.

In our group coaching teleclasses, we will explore:

  • What does it mean to be "well" with this diagnosis?
  • What's right with me, even in this moment?
  • Who and what nurtures my joy?
  • When would be a good time to live a life I love?
  • (and, despite everything...)
  • How can I do that now?
Working in a group brings the added support, experience and wisdom of all the participants. And in addition to our weekly group teleclass sessions, one-on-one coaching will be available as an option to further enhance individual development.
When: There will be two class sessions (evening and daytime) offered - beginning in February 2012. Each session will run for 12 weeks.
Session I:
Tuesdays from 7-8 pm (Central)
February 7th - April 24th, 2012
Session II:
Thursdays from 11 am - 12 noon (Central)
February 9th - April 26th, 2012

Class Size: To maximize class participation and comfort within the group, class size will be limited to 8 - 12 participants.

Cost: $297 for the 3-month program (paid in full, in advance, via check or credit card). A payment plan is also available (three monthly installments of $105 each). 3% of your tuition will go toward a scholarship fund to make the program available for qualified recipients. Individual coaching will also be available for an additional fee.

Upon paid registration, participants will receive the telephone number/PIN code for access to the sessions. (Any long-distance charges accrued will be the responsibility of the participant.)

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Facilitator: Susan Drouilhet, MS, LMT is a Wellness and Life Coach with a background in Integral Health Care and Energy Medicine. In addition to being a Certified Graduate of Coach University, she is a Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and holds a Master's degree in Energy Medicine. A member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Susan offers individual and group coaching to a national audience. She also performs bodywork and teaches stress management and yoga classes locally. Starting in 2012, Susan will begin leading international wellness retreats.

A published author, Susan is currently working on a book describing her own
healing-through-cancer journey: the gritty, the humorous, and the numinous.



Susan reminds me of Yoda, the Jedi Master in the Star Wars Episodes. She is wise and patient, brilliant and spiritual. Susan listens - truly listens to me. She "hears" what I'm saying and what I'm not saying. She hears the truth. She holds it gently and firmly until I'm ready to be open to it. Then she shares it with no stake that I must accept it. Slowly she builds trust and intimacy, making me feel safe and held in high regard. As a three-time cancer survivor, I find that working with Susan helps me move through the experience with grace, hope, and acceptance. When Susan pauses, I know she is thinking with her whole self in order to ask the deep question that will peak my curiosity and open a door that lets in the sun and the air so I can breathe freely again. Susan models personal development. She is always growing and learning. She's the genuine article - a Masterful Coach.
- SK, Philadelphia
Susan knows from the inside out that we can get lost in the dark nights of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery stages of the Big C. But she doesn't leave us there for long. With a gentle and focused empathy, she hears through anxieties, self-sabotage, timid longings and the unspoken grief surrounding an interrupted life; then, compassionately she guides us back toward the light of our own present and future. In my case, Susan heard my yearnings for a creative life despite the protestations of my rational mind as to the work I "should" do. She simplifies the path and makes practical sense when I've forgotten how, laughs happily when I report new insights and diplomatically guides me toward where I now dare to go. In just a few weeks of coaching with her, I have radically turned a corner which I never before permitted myself to entertain. I am now actively living as I only dreamed of before. My longed-for creative life has blossomed; I am now illustrating children's books! And I am truly grateful and swimming in joy.
- PVD, Boston

When would be a good time for YOU to live the life you love?

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